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Aputure Amaran 150c RGBWW Full Color LED
Aputure Amaran 150c RGBWW Full Color LED

Aputure Amaran 150c RGBWW Full Color LED

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TMS SKU: APU Amaran 150c
Aputure Part Number: AP30010A10


The amaran 150c is amaran’s first-ever full-color 150W Bowens Mount point-source LED light, combining RGBWW full-color control, optical and soft light Bowens Mount versatility, integrated controls, and most importantly, high-quality light output. Using the same foundational RGBWW technology as professional fixtures like the Aputure LS 600c Pro, the amaran 150c produces stunning color quality throughout its expanded bi-color CCT range of 2,500K to 7,500K with green-magenta adjustment and 360° HSI color control with >90% coverage of the Rec.2020 Color Space. And with high CRI/TLCI [95+], SSI (D56) [71], and SSI (Tungsten) [83] scores, the amaran 150c can reliably output color-accurate light to achieve faithful skin tones. The amaran 150c also punches well above its weight class, outputting 15,610 lux (5600K) using the included Hyper Reflector combined with 0- 100% dimming control. Featuring the universal Bowens Mount and color-blending optics, the 150c’s high-intensity output can also be magnified or diffused, using a large variety of Bowens Mount modifiers, including optical modifiers like the Fresnel 2X & the brand-new amaran Spotlight SE, and soft light modifiers like the all-new amaran Light Dome Mini SE for producing even light. The 150c features a minimalist control interface that blends into the body for a simple yet elegant lamp head design, removing the need for a control box. The dual rear-facing side handles and redesigned Bowens Mount release latch even allow for ergonomic adjusting of the fixture wherever it is rigged. Equipped with a redesigned high-efficiency heat sink and silent active cooling system, users can focus on choosing the perfect-colored light instead of fan noise. Using Sidus Mesh technology, the amaran 150c can be controlled wirelessly. The Sidus Link App can help match colors perfectly with Color Picker and activate 9 System FX including Party Lights, Cop Car, Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Explosion, Fire, Pulsing, and Strobe. With its 48V DC power input the 150c can freely switch between the AC adapter for studio shoots or the flexibility of battery power using with the Aputure 2-Bay Battery Power Station (sold separately). Packaged in an EPP (expanded polypropylene) eco-friendly carrying case, the amaran 150c comes ready to travel to your next set with its lightweightstorage solution.

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