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Westcott FLEX Bi-Color LED Mat Cine Set 1'x2' - Flexible, Dimmable, Water Resistant - 7561 DEMO

Westcott FLEX Bi-Color LED Mat Cine Set 1'x2' - Flexible, Dimmable, Water Resistant - 7561 DEMO

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TMS SKU: 7561
Westcott Part Number: 7561


This product is used but has new warranty.
This Westcott FLEX Bi-Color Cine Set combines a 1’x2’ flexible and water resistant bi-color LED Mat with the accessories to make this light even more versatile for a diverse array of portable lighting options: a durable Scrim Jim Cine Frame, a digital dimmer, and more.

FLEX Bi-Color Cine Set Includes:

  • Westcott Flex 1x2' Bi-Color Mat
  • Digital Dimmer for 1x2' Flex Bi-Color
  • Power Adapter for 1x2' Flex Bi-Color
  • Power Cord (6.5')
  • 2x Scrim Jim Cine 22" Frame Tube
  • 2x Scrim Jim Cine 10" Frame Tube
  • 4x Scrim Jim Cine 2D Corner Frame Connector
  • Dual-Joint Tilter Bracket (2198)
  • Universal Stud
  • 16' Dimmer Extension Cable for Flex Mats Up to 1x2'
  • Cable Wrap
  • Westcott 1 Year Warranty
  • The FLEX light itself is lightweight — under a pound — and fully bendable. It emits up to 3900 lux at one meter through dimmable, high-ouput LEDs with 95-98 CRI. Being bi-color, it is adjustable between 2800K and 6000K. More than flexible, this light solution is also durable with touch fasteners on both the front and rear of the mat for mounting. Bend and flex this light however you like and you are still guaranteed silent and flicker-free operation.

    The Slim Jim Cine frame system can be used to build a 1’x2' frame for holding the Flex in place atop a stand or in other remote ways. The included dimmer also features a 3/8"-16 mount for attaching to the Slim Jim Cine frame in a seamless manner. This modular frame is constructed with anodized aluminum, ensuring durability. Heavy-duty hook-and-loop tape is riveted to two sides of each tube, allowing for effortless mounting of the Flex.

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