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Videon Shavano 4K HEVC / H.264 Video Encoder

Videon Shavano 4K HEVC / H.264 Video Encoder

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Videon Shavano 4K HEVC Video Encoder

  • First small form factor, affordable, real-time encoder supporting resolutions up to 4K with HEVC and H.264 encoding.
  • Efficient encoding leads to bandwidth savings, even at high resolutions.
  • Ideal for future-proofing workflows that need to move to 4K UHD and for those that require the highest video quality.

A true first.
Bringing together 4K resolution and HEVC compression, this encoder lets you have the video quality you need while saving bandwidth. Unlike existing 4K encoders, Videon’s Shavano 4K HEVC encoder offers a small form factor and affordable price point. Better yet, it’s easy to use. One button streaming, a simple web user interface for configuration, and a supportive Customer Care team make it simple to use, whether you’re streaming for the first time or integrating into an existing workflow.

Leading your transition to UHD.
Even if you’ve not streaming in 4K yet, you know it’s coming. With full-featured support for high definition and even standard definition video, the Shavano 4K HEVC encoder can fit into your current setup and futureproof you for when the 4K need hits. With HEVC compression technology, you’ll be saving bandwidth no matter the resolution you’re using.

Across a range of AV markets.
Videon has unique partnerships that let vertical markets and individual consumers access hardware that’s usually only available to the biggest consumer electronics OEMs. Built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 dedicated media processor, this encoder uses the same technology that is in millions of cell phones and set-top boxes. That’s how we manage to keep it small, light and affordable--while guaranteeing quality.

Shavano 4K HEVC Encoder

  • First small form factor, affordable, real time UHD encoder.
  • Based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, dedicated quad core AV processor.
  • 4K video resolution ideal for applications that require high video quality: sports, broadcast, medical, live events.
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption with efficient, high-quality HEVC compression technology.

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