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VariZoom VariSlider VSM1-K Camera Slider Kit w/ 2 VZTK100AM Tripods
Camera And Fluid Head Not Included

VariZoom VariSlider VSM1-K Camera Slider Kit w/ 2 VZTK100AM Tripods


Part Number: VSM1-K
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The VSM1 spares no expense in quality of design or construction. This kit includes a pair of heavy-duty tripod mounts and tripods for maximum flexibility in setup. Made in the USA from a completely original concept based on decades of motion picture equipment design experience, the VariSlider not only rolls more smoothly and consistently than anything close to its price, it carries extremely heavy loads effortlessly.

Whether you're mounting a C100 or a fully-loaded Alexa, the VariSlider will give you absolutely silky motion every time. The system can be extended in 4.5 ft increments as far as you need, it can be mounted to tripods or overhead rigging, it can be upgraded to motorized/motion control operation and/or counterweighted tiltable configuration, the track width can be easily increased, and it's essentially future-proof with its clever integrated multi-mechanical interface track design.

VSM1-K Features:

  • Extremely high load capacity - 100 lbs and up
  • 2 tripod mounts included (VS-TM2, compatible w/ 100mm/75mm/65mm/flat tripods)
  • 2 100mm tripods included (VZT100AM)
  • Standard or inverted operation
  • 54" standard track can be extended to any length with mating extension kits
  • Sliding outriggers can be repositioned along the entire length of the track for placement on different surfaces or for added support
  • Outriggers expand the lateral stance by 5" for stability and they use 2800lbs-rated industrial nonskid stainless ball-socket leveling feet
  • Precision-milled billet cart with interchangeable wheels and mounting features for all types of heads and motorization upgrades
  • Custom precision-matched track with mounting features for future accessories and upgrades, including motion control and counterweighted tiltable operation
  • Low-profile head mounting for maximum stability
  • Cart has built-in Mitchell mount and included 100mm, 75mm, and flat-base adapters to accommodate most heads
  • Cart secures to endcap for safe and easy transport
  • Includes padded carrying case and full hardware kit for out-of-the-box utility
  • Optional heavy duty tripod mounts (tripods also available)
  • VSM1-K Slider Kit Includes VSM1 Slider, 2- VZT100AM Tripods, 2- VS-TM1 Tripod Mounts, Tool Kit, Carrying Case
    Construction Aluminum & Stainless Steel
    Capacity 100lbs (more w/ added supports)
    Track Length 54"
    Travel 47"
    Weight 16lbs
    Track Width 5" to wheel centers
    Hi Hat capable? Yes, w/ optional adapters
    Compatibility Virtually all cameras and heads
    Tripod Mountable? Yes, w/ optional adapters
    Extendable? Yes, in 4.5' increments as far as you want
    Increase Track Width? Yes, w/ extender kit & larger cart
    Motorized/Motion Control Capable? Yes, w/ upgrade kit
    Tiltable? Yes, w/ fully counterweighted tilt kit
    Underslung / Overhead mount? Yes, in different configurations/capacities
    Warranty 2 years
    2 VZT100AM Tripods
    Folded Height 28"
    Max./Min. Operating Ht. 55.5" / 20.5"
    Max Load 150lbs evenly shared on 2 level tripods
    Unit Weight 10 Lbs.
    Bowl Size 100mm
    Material Aluminum
    Warranty 2 years parts/labor