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Schneider Xenon FF PRIME Pack 35mm, 50mm, 75mm - CANON
Schneider Xenon FF PRIME Pack 35mm, 50mm, 75mm - CANON

Schneider Xenon FF PRIME Pack 35mm, 50mm, 75mm - CANON

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TMS SKU: Xenon FF Pack
Schneider Optics Part Number: 09-1078394



3 LENS PACKAGE: 35mm Lens, 50mm Lens, & 75mm Lens: All Canon EF Mount, Measurements in Feet.

The Xenon FF Prime lens family from Schneider Optics was designed specifically with uniformity in mind. Each lens in this set has identical dimensions, weight, and adjustment positioning. That means changing your lens doesn’t require you to rig because your payload’s changed. It means you can get comfortable with adjusting focus on all lenses because the focus ring is always in the same spot. It means not having to change your counterbalance because none of these lenses is longer or shorter than the other.

Xenon FF Primes are built in Germany by Schneider-Kreuznach. Each one (in this pack) is 2.6 pounds and 5.34” long. This particular set is comprised of EF-Mount lenses that have measurements labeled in feet (imperial markings as opposed to metric, though this line has options for either).

Of technical note: each lens features a 14-blade aperture, a 300° barrel rotation, and is color-matched for consistency. The front diameter of each is 100mm with a standard 95mm thread; combined with the fixed length, this makes mattebox and filter use a breeze.

Aperture Range:T 2.1 - 22
Close Focus from Image Plane:0.35m / 14"0.50m / 20"0.75m / 2'6"
Full Length:133.2mm / 5.34"
Front Diameter:100mm/3.9"
Horizontal Angle of View (Full Frame):55°40°27°
Horizontal Angle of View (Super 35):39°28°19°

Full Frame: Horizontal angle of view for a full frame camera aperture (aspect ration 1.5, dimensions 36mm x 24mm / 1.42" x 0.94")

Super 35: Horizontal angle of view for a Super 35 camera aperture (aspect ratio 1.33, dimensions 24.9mm x 18.7mm / 0.98" x 0.74")

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