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Panasonic P2HD-EFP-Bag Case for the AG-HVX200A or AG-HPX170

Panasonic P2HD-EFP-Bag Case for the AG-HVX200A or AG-HPX170

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Portabrace Part Number: P2HD-EFP-Bag

Panasonic P2HD-EFP-Bag Custom PortaBrace Carry-On Bag for the AG-HPX170/HVX200A

This bag case made by Portabrace measures 13" (Front to Back) X 11.5" High X 23" Side-to-Side, including the front and end pockets. The case weighs in at 8 lbs with the strap attached and the soft pouch inside. It includes three large pockets to the outside and a soft zippered pouch to put loose ends in.

The case will fit either the AG-HVX200A camcorder with rails and matte box on it or the AG-HPX170 camcorder. The AG-HPG10 P2 Gear can easily fit in one end of the case where there is a structural compartment for it.

Zippered pockets are included on the lid to store smaller items, such as few P2 cards or a Tiffen filter. The case's bottom is rubberized so that if it is set on damp ground the contents stay nice and dry. The case also comes with a very comfortable suede adjustable carry strap. This strap, when not in used on the case, can be attached to the camcorder using the provided small straps. These attach to the camera's neck strap rings. Additionally, this case has a window pocket for a business card.

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