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Oktava MK-012-01 Film Edition Microphone (Black)

Oktava MK-012-01 Film Edition Microphone (Black)

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TMS SKU: MK-012-01 Film Edition
Oktava Part Number: MK-012-01 Film Edition

This mic is specially made for video and movie applications. It comes with a hypercardioid capsule and a Low-Cut filter. BLACK.

Mic type Small diaphragm condenser
Low-cut Filter 85 Hz
Polar Pattern Hypercardioid
Freq. Response 20-20000Hz
Phantom voltage required 48 +\- 2V
Full impedance, module less than 300 ohms
Weighted SPL (ref. DIN 45412) 18 dBA
Maximum SPL in 250-8000Hz range, (less than 0.5% THD) 130 db
Free field sensitivity at 1KHz 10 mV/Pa
Free field sensitivity roll off from 40Hz to 20KHz should not exceed +\- 3 db
Weight 70 gr
Length, mm 128
Max diameter/width, mm 23
Accessories included Mic holder
The difference in free field sensitivity between 0° and 90°
should be as follows:
For hypercardioid capsule:
in 250-5000 Hz range: no less than 8 db
Average sensitivity difference between O° and 180° for cardioid capsule in 63-12500 Hz range: 16 db

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