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NewTek TriCaster 40 Version 2
NewTek TriCaster 40 Version 2

NewTek TriCaster 40 Version 2


Part Number: FG-000437-R001
This item has been discontinued. If you need advice on a replacement item or have a specific need you feel only this item can replace — give us a call: 512-440-1400.

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TriCaster 40 lets professionals and novices alike create streaming television, or air broadcast-quality video on the Web and mobile devices―quickly and easily. For television stations, schools, offices, and production startups, TriCaster 40 is a simple solution. Just plug in cameras and audio, and start creating.

Fast Setup. Easy to Use.
Enjoy professional results with do-it-yourself simplicity. Just plug in, power on, and you’re up and running with your very own show—in no time. Make life and live production easier, with all the tools you need to produce a show, in a single system. Connect up to 4 cameras. Share the screen from your laptop, desktop or wireless iOS device.

All-in-one Live Production.
Mix in video clips, graphics and audio. And do it all from a live virtual set. No additional system hardware or assembly required.

On-budget HD.
Set your standards higher, but keep your expenses manageable. The same formats used in broadcast television put you on par with the big networks, while high-quality component video connections let you work with HD cameras that are in your price range. SD also comes standard, so if you’re not there yet, you can make the jump when you’re ready.

Forget about lugging case after case of equipment wherever you go. Whether you’re heading cross campus, to the top floor or the next town, the compact design means instant master control anywhere you can free up a tabletop, spare shelf space, or roll up with a small cart.

Choppy, grainy online video is a thing of the past. Go full resolution, direct to the Web, with HD live streaming. Record simultaneously for upload to your favorite video sharing site, and make your show available on demand. Take your talents worldwide.

Television-style Sets and Backgrounds.
Got green screen? Turn even the tiniest production space into a massive virtual studio that makes your show look like primetime TV. Or, use any live camera, video or graphic as a background for your on-camera talent. Not only can you go anywhere, you can be anywhere—and be first.

Creative Tools.
Transitions. Picture-in-picture. Full-screen graphics. Nameplates. News tickers. Customize your show with the same tools that network producers use to deliver a dynamic presentation to your viewing audience.

Optional Control Surface.
Exclusively for the TriCaster 40 system, add the TriCaster 40 Control Surface for fast, full access to hardware operation of all live-production functions – and still keep your small desktop footprint. Or augment your crew with an additional operator, and split the production tasks between console and UI.