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JVC DT-R24L4DU 24-Inch Studio Monitor w/HDSDI

JVC DT-R24L4DU 24-Inch Studio Monitor w/HDSDI

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JVC Part Number: DT-R24L4DU

The DT-R24L4DU is a studio quality 24-inch LCD monitor suitable for use in broadcast networks and television stations, control rooms, OB Vans and post production facilities--anywhere that highly accurate, reliable HD monitoring is required. As part of JVC's "R-Series," this is a 4th generation monitor built on the same chassis and with the same exceptional quality and reliability as our highly regarded Vérité series.

Native HD resolution
The DT-R24L4DU 24-inch video monitor features 1920 x 1080 resolution, making it a true native HD monitor. It can reproduce native 1080i / 1080p/psf and 720p video images in their original form with no loss of quality due to scaling.

Essential video signal inputs/outputs
The DT-R24L4DU includes dual HD/SD SDI inputs with a switched output. Two composite video input/outputs are also provided. High definition signals can also be displayed through a DVI input with HDCP. HDMI signals can also be used with an inexpensive cable converter (not provided.) To assure maximum quality at all time and to prevent corrosion and signal loss, the all BNC connectors are gold-plated.

High-performance IPS (In Plane Switching) LCD panel with non-gloss surface
Wide viewing angles up to 178°/178° are maintained thanks to a new matte surface LCD panel. There is very little chromatic variation with different viewing positions.

Low latency circuitry
Thanks to upgraded circuitry, the delay between input signal and monitor image is minimized—less than 1 frame—enabling precise, monitoring without lip-sync problems. Additionally, response to changes in input signals is now instantaneous.

Color Temperature
Color temperature can be set as required with a 3-temperature memory that includes a 9300K mode, 6500K mode, and user-specified mode.

IP mode (De-Interlacing)
JVC original de-interlacing circuits are employed to ensure the highest quality display of 1080i and 480i signals. The IP conversion mode can be selected from NORMAL MODE (frame complement and vertical filter), FIELD (field complement) and CINEMA (for 24p).

Image processor
Refined and enhanced over many years, JVC's advanced image estimation technology has now been re-designed for digital applications. Able to reproduce image quality faithful to input signals, this new 10-bit 4:4:4 real time processor delivers the true professional performance. With this processor, the high-quality HD signals used in production can be reproduced with absolute fidelity on the LCD display, resulting in crisp, clear, high-resolution images. With motion picture content, processing of original pictures is minimized while IP conversion is optimized to maintain sharp and clear images. This sophisticated technology applies no more processing to input signals than is necessary to ensure natural image reproduction close to CRT displays.

Faithful Color Reproduction
Matrix parameters are set in response to the actual HD or SD input signal, making it possible to accurately reproduce colors in strict conformity with ITU standards without having to process color signals. And a chromatic range equivalent to EBU 100% ensures faithful color reproduction that is virtually identical to the original source.

Gamma calibration
The DT-R24L4D's gamma setting is calibrated at the factory to assure correct display of video images. Precise adjustment of various display parameters at the factory achieves excellent gray scale characteristics.

DT-R24L4DU Features:

  • Native 1920 x 1200 IPS (In-plane Panel Switching) LCD Panel offers wide viewing angle of 178°/178° with minimal color change from different viewing angles. Panel provides 1:1 monitoring of 1920 x 1080 signals while providing metering and status above or below the active picture area.
  • 10-Bit 4:4:4 Video Processing for superior image gradation, advanced directional interpolation in eliminating edge artifacts, and pixel-based motion adaptive de-interlacing.
  • Highly accurate reproduction in conformity with ITU standards. A chromatic range equivalent to EBU 100%, ensures color reproduction that is virtually identical to the original.
  • Ultra-Low Latency Circuitry (< 1 frame) for lip-sync accuracy.
  • Twelve Channel Embedded Audio Metering Display with Peak Hold viewable above or below active picture area.
  • HD/SD SDI Embedded Time Code On-Screen Display
  • Ergonomic Front-Panel Precision Rotary Controls.
  • Safe area markers compatible with different aspect ratios
  • 16:9 / 4:3 aspect ratio switching, auto aspect selection
  • Two-color tally lamps
  • 1080/24psf Signal Capability
  • Full Screen Mode for SD 4:3 signals
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