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Freefly MoVI M5 Adventure Edition w/ Case, MoVI Ring, More - 950-00032

Freefly MoVI M5 Adventure Edition w/ Case, MoVI Ring, More - 950-00032


Part Number: 950-00032
This item has been discontinued. If you need advice on a replacement item or have a specific need you feel only this item can replace — give us a call: 512-440-1400.

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‘M5 Adventure Edition’ bundle offers the MōVI M5 + M5 Travel Case + the Adventure Kit for the regular price of the M5.

MōVI M5 - Digital 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Handheld Camera Stabilizer. Bring big-budget camera moves to your productions! The MōVI M5 draws on the advanced stabilization technology developed for the MōVI M10 allowing for amazingly smooth footage in even the most demanding situations. The compact form factor and lightweight nature of the MōVI M5 allows camera movement that would be impossible in the past. With the release of the MōVI M5, Freefly aims to bring big budget caliber camera moves to a wider range of productions.

MoVI M5 Features:

  • Enclosed camera cage for maximum rigidity and shot stability
  • Improved adjustable camera plate
  • Fully-protected wiring
  • Simplified fully tool-less balancing
  • Inverted mode for more comfortable eye level camera angle
  • Quick release top handle to allow for rapid adjustment
  • Majestic Mode. Single operators can intuitively control the direction of the gimbal using the MōVI’s handles without sacrificing stability. Operators can customize their settings using the Freefly Configurator to get the feel just right for different scenarios they encounter.

    Inverted Mode. Ultra low or ultra high angle, the M5 captures both easily. Switching between modes is simple the M5 automatically detects the mode and lets you focus on the shot.

    Full Camera Cage. Built to handle the most demanding cinema packages and keep the camera locked on target.

    Fast and Simple Setup. After the camera has been configured, MōVI’s no-tools adjustment allows for quick setup and balancing. Lens changes and accessory add-ons are fast, leaving more time for shooting.

    Drift Free Horizon. The control algorithms developed for the MōVI utilize a very high accuracy GPS. This GPS allows for acceleration correction when the gimbal is used outdoors and has a GPS signal. This feature is useful when used on cars and helicopters where sustained extreme accelerational forces can cause non-GPS aided systems to drift.

    Ultra Lightweight Construction. The M5 is built to be as light as possible while still retaining the rigidity to maximize performance. This means you can move the camera like never before, whether it is running full speed or flying beneath a multi rotor UAV.

    Freefly Configurator The Freefly Configurator is a GUI that gives you control of your MōVI via a tablet, Windows or Mac OSX device. The updatable firmware features auto tuning, motion booting, wireless tuning and graphing via Bluetooth and has advanced customization including a user-adjustable shaky cam mode.

    Weight:4.75lb / 2.15kg
    Camera cage dimensions:130mm(L) x 180mm(W) x 120mm(H)
    Maximum payload:5lb / 2.27kg with compatible camera / lens combinations

    Camera Support. The M5 is designed to carry DSLR-sized cameras for maximum mobility.

    The Freefly MoVI M5 accessory that on-the-go cinematographers love most is the MōVI Ring. This bundled accessory offer starts with the MōVI Ring, but also adds the Toad in the Hole Quick Release, Male Toad Adapter, and a Right Angle HDMI cable.

    A savings of $210 compared to buying each item individually!

    Freefly MoVI Ring Carbon Fiber Frame for M5, M10, M15 - 910-00039
    The MōVI Ring is a lightweight, rigid carbon fiber frame designed to provide additional points of contact for an operator holding the MōVI M5, M10, or M15. The MōVI Ring can either mount directly to the MōVI M5, M10, or M15 but also works in combination with the Toad In The Hole accessory.

    Freefly Toad In The Hole Quick Release for MoVI - 910-00027
    The Toad In The Hole Quick Release is a sleek, lightweight, low-profile quick release unit, which provides an easy mount and release solution for your MōVI. It allows the operator to remove the MōVI from the handle assembly and attach to any other method of filming carrier, such as a crane, jib, or car mount (with a Toad installed) in a matter of seconds. Fiddling around with alignment is not required when engaging the Quick Release - just attach and rotate to the desired angle (from 0-360°) for shooting. The Quick Release uses a clamp to secure the MōVI. This clamp, along with the secondary release button, are used to release the MōVI.

    Freefly Right Angle Mini HDMI (Type C) to HDMI (Type A) Cable - 910-00088
    The new, super-flexible Freefly Right Angle Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable is designed to send an HDMI signal from a camera with Mini HDMI Out to a monitor on the MōVI's top handlebar without the stiffness and weight of a traditional HDMI cable.

    Cable Length: 27.56 IN / 70 CM