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Edirol LVS-800 Professional 8-Channel Video Mixer w/ Downstream Keyer

Edirol LVS-800 Professional 8-Channel Video Mixer w/ Downstream Keyer

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Edirol LVS-800 Professional 8-Channel Video Mixer w/ Downstream Keyer.

Powerful video production with simple and intuitive video mixing and switching. Eight video channels including two computer inputs. DSK (Downstream Keyer) enables graphic and title overlays. Ideal for any live event and presentation. The LVS-800 is a part of the EDIROL SD video mixer line.

Ideal for environments where a record or broadcast mix needs to be different than the main screen or display, the LVS-800’s independent outs allows you to create two separate mixes. The A/B mix can be recorded while entirely different sources can be composited using DSK or PnP to a display screen.

The LVS-800 is ideal for live production, performance, IMAG, and worship applications. Graphics and text from a PC can be composited over video sources. Additionally, independent outputs from the A/B mix and Program Out buses can be sent to different screens creating exciting multi-screen environments.

LVS-800 Features:

  • Video Input / RGB Input. Connect up to eight video sources including: video cameras, DVD and video players, visual samplers, and direct computer inputs. Two PCs can be input simultaneously.
  • Video Output. Multiple outputs with separate A/B Mix and Program Out.
  • A/B MIX. Eight video sources can be mixed and switched with operational ease. Also supports two PC inputs. Create effective video productions using PinP and transitions.
  • DSK (Downstream Keyer: Composition Function). DSK is a powerful function for compositing titles, lyrics and graphics. Setup is simple - just select background and foreground, then adjust the key value.
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