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Delkin 32GB Combat Flash 625X UDMA 6 - DDCFCOMBAT-32GB

Delkin 32GB Combat Flash 625X UDMA 6 - DDCFCOMBAT-32GB

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Delkin Devices Part Number: DDCFCOMBAT-32GB

The CombatFlash 625X by far exceeds the standard CompactFlash in overall performance. How is this type of extreme durability made possible by Delkin engineers? Each home-manufactured card is infused and coated with our very own Tekta coating- a low viscosity silicone formula that provides electronic circuits with complete resistance from temperature shock, strong vibration and humidity. Diligently engineered with the most advanced protective features, like its fast tackless cures and strong adhesion to electronic walls, the Tekta infusion process allows products to withstand underwater submersion, strong solid impact, fungus, rust and more. In explaining Delkin Devices main objective with the introduction of CombatFlash, CEO Martin Wood simply states, "We know the abuse photographers put their gear through and were innovating to meet that demand- Whether theyre shooting in the Arctic or documenting a story in the Sahara, our CombatFlash cards are built to endure."

Delkin Devices UDMA-enabled CombatFlash also boasts reliable expert performance, with sophisticated wear leveling and a built-in Error Correction Code scheme that has the ability to detect errors down to a single bit. With proficient transfer speeds up to 91 MB/s, intended to support the most superior digital SLRs, this memory card also offers moderately increased speeds to non-UDMA digital cameras. Our UDMA capabilities offer an impeccable image input and output rate between your camera and the device, without sacrificing superior quality. As a photographer, this means increased shot accuracy, the ability to process more images taken in quick succession, and faster download rates to your PC for the mass relocation of images and HD video. Lastly, our superior device is manufactured with NAND Flash technology, a more advanced version of Flash memory that offers refined controller design based on ISO: 9001 quality control standards.

As stated, Delkin Devices is fully committed to customer satisfaction, and our memory cards are put through several rigorous quality assurance tests before being released. If you experience any difficulties or just have questions about your purchase, our US-based customer support system will provide a solution. Our team of technicians will gladly recover the accidental deletion of images completely free of charge and even retrieve files on cards that have been re-formatted or whose file system has been somehow corrupted. Proving our dedication to excellence, Delkin Devices is a member of the CompactFlash Association, guaranteeing strict adherence to the highest level of manufacturing standards.

32GB CombatFlash 625X UDMA 6 Features:

  • UDMA 6 enabled for increased transfer speeds up to 91MB/s
  • Accelerated 625X speed
  • Waterproof and ruggedized for superior protection under extreme conditions
  • Military Standard 810 compliant to withstand shock, humidity and altitude fluctuations
  • Extreme temperature rated: -58F to 212F (-50C to 100C)
  • Lifetime Warranty
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