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Datavideo SE-2000 ITC Video Switcher Kit

Datavideo SE-2000 ITC Video Switcher Kit

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Datavideo Part Number: SE2000-ITC Kit
Datavideo SE-2000 ITC Video Switcher Kit

The Datavideo SE-2000 ITC Video Switcher Kit consists of a SE-2000 HD-SDI switcher, RKM-2000 monitor holder and ITC-100 intercom for 4 users. Designed for small, live production venues of up to 5 inputs, the switcher combines 1 or 2 DVI-D computer sources and 3 or 4 HD-SDI sources. The RKM-2000 accepts a 1RU x 19" device and provides a good platform for placement of a monitor. Mountable in the RKM-2000 holder, the ITC-100 intercom has an 8 way talkback system with tally lights, and can communicate with up to 8 camera operators from 1 base unit.

You can insert 2 logos or a logo and a clock on the PVW and PGM outputs. You can also store and select from 14 user-created logos (accepted size 256 x 192 pixels, TGA or BMP). There are 13 transition effects (12 WIPE, 1 MIX) with soft (SFT) border option that controls the border softness of the WIPE or effect. MIX option is a dissolve effect between the PVW and PGM sources, invert option changes the direction of the chosen WIPE, and freeze option freezes the PGM video. The luminance key is used to change the brightness level of the image. Five buttons used to choose different speeds for a transition effect when using the TAKE button to switch between PVW and PGM sources.

The character generations can be done by the Datavideo CG-350. DVI-D is used to provide high-quality images and hence can be used for PowerPoint presentations, simple titling and overlays. The multi-preview display is used to view the values for clock, transition, user profile, input 4 and HD Mode as well as to find the sources that are selected for PiP, PREVIEW and PROGRAM. There are memory presets for up to 5 users or configurations. The built-in audio mixer has 4 audio follows video inputs (microphone or line), 2 audio outputs and XLR in/out connectors. The operation using SE-2000 is fast as every control is right on the work surface with no shifts.

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