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Canon Cinema Prime Lens

Canon Cinema Prime Lenses

Set of all 5 Canon Cinema Prime Lenses

Cinema Prime Lens Discount Program
Purchase a combination of three, four, five, or all 6 lenses together as a 'set' to qualify for a Canon Cinema Prime Lens Discount! A combination of Cinema Prime Lenses means a combination of different prime lenses: multiples of the same Cinema Prime Lens doesn't qualify. Simply add three to six different Cinema Prime Lenses (below) and the discount will be applied automatically according to the Discount Program.

Set DescriptionDiscount Amount
Set of a combination of all 6 Cinema Prime Lenses$3,000
Set of a combination of any 5 Cinema Prime Lenses$2,500
Set of a combination of any 4 Cinema Prime Lenses$1,600
Set of a combination of any 3 Cinema Prime Lenses$900

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