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Canon CarePAK Pro for EOS Cinema Cameras 4-Year, $13,000-$15,999.99
Canon CarePAK Pro for EOS Cinema Cameras 4-Year, $13,000-$15,999.99

Canon CarePAK Pro for EOS Cinema Cameras 4-Year, $13,000-$15,999.99

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TMS SKU: CAN CarePAK PRO 4Yr $13K-$15999
Canon Part Number: 9619B095AA

CarePAK PRO Program Benefits
Protection from Accidental Damage:   Protect your investment from accidental damage including drops, spills, power surges and other unforeseen events.
Coverage from Normal Wear and Tear:   Receive additional hardware coverage from normal wear and tear on all mechanical and electrical issues.
Service & Support Directly from Canon:   Hassle free service and support direct from Canon. Feel confident your product will be serviced by Canon factory trained technicians using only Genuine Canon parts.
$0 Deductible:  No Deductible for any repair or replacement, ever.
Free Two-Way Shipping:   Free shipping to and from Canon for all service and repairs. Simply call for a pre-paid shipping label for your product.
Transferable:   Benefits for CarePAK PRO can be transferred if the owner of the covered product changes the coverage period.
Priority Service:   No additional cost for priority service with fast, reliable repairs and minimized downtime.
Always Genuine Canon Products:   If your product cannot be fixed and needs to be replaced you will receive the exact same model, or better, always.
Image Recovery:   With Image Recovery, we can help retrieve your lost or corrupted images or videos. We know your livelihood depends on it. Included with Cameras and Camcorders with a memory card slot (only for use with the internal removable memory card).

  • Genuine Canon Factory Service
  • Rapid Repair Processing
  • 100% US-Based Tech Support, Never Outsourced
  • Genuine Canon Parts
[email protected]
1-833-CAREPAK (1-833-227-3725)
1. What does CarePAK PRO cover?
CarePAK PRO covers your product for one incident of unintentional or accidental damage. In addition, CarePAK PRO offers enhanced protection, above the manufacturer's limited warranty. In the event that your product requires service during your coverage period, CarePAK PRO covers the cost of service including Canon genuine parts and labor or a comparable Canon refurbished replacement at our discretion. Please refer to "What is Covered – General" in the Terms and Conditions for more details.
2. Are there conditions or limitations on CarePAK PRO?
CarePAK PRO is available on products purchased from a Canon Authorized Dealer. Abuse, misuse, and fraud are not covered. For more details, please refer to "What is Not Covered (General Exclusions)" in the Terms and Conditions.
3. Where can I purchase CarePAK PRO?
Purchase CarePAK PRO with your Canon product when shopping at an Authorized Retailer, on Canon Direct or by calling 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666). CarePak PRO is available on products for up to 90 days from purchase from a Canon Authorized Retailer. CarePAK PRO is not available on all products. Please visit Canon Direct to find out if CarePAK PRO is available on your product.
4. What is the coverage period of CarePAK PRO?
Your CarePAK PRO coverage shall begin on the date of your CarePAK PRO purchase, and shall be in effect from the original purchase date of your product based on the length of the plan purchased. The coverage end date is printed on the welcome/activation confirmation letter sent after you have activated your CarePAK PRO. Canon reserves the right to verify product and contract eligibility and may reject or modify enrollment term if product, coverage or original product purchase date is incorrect.
5. Do I need to activate CarePAK PRO after I purchase it to activate my coverage?
Yes. After you purchase CarePAK PRO, you will receive an email with your order confirmation and activation link. Within this email you will find your CarePAK PRO activation number. You must activate your CarePAK PRO in order to obtain service. Please keep a copy of your welcome letter (with activation number) and a copy of your hardware sales receipt; you will be required to provide them in order to obtain service. Contact us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666), if you have questions or need assistance with activation.
6. How do I obtain service or verify coverage?
To expedite service or verify coverage, call our Customer Care Center at 1-833-CAREPAK (1-833-227-3725). We'll confirm your CarePAK PRO coverage and collect your hardware proof of purchase and help you arrange for a repair.

Camera, Video and Lens customers have the added convenience of arranging a repair online by visiting our Product Repair page. Please have your CarePAK PRO activation number available and a copy of your hardware sales receipt to send in with your product. Please refer to "Obtaining Service" in the Terms and Conditions for complete details.
7. Can I cancel CarePAK PRO?
YYou may cancel CarePAK PRO for a full refund within thirty (30) days of the original date of your CarePAK PRO coverage if you have not made any service claims. Please refer to "Cancellation" in the Terms and Conditions for complete details.
8. Can I transfer CarePAK PRO to another person or transfer to a different product?
The original owner of CarePAK PRO may initiate a one-time transfer of ownership. You will be required to provide your activation number and a copy of your hardware sales receipt. Contact us at 1-833-CAREPAK (1-833-227-3725). Please refer to "Transferability" in the Terms and Conditions for complete details.

This plan cannot be transferred to a different product. Your CarePAK PRO plan is tied to the serial number of the original covered product, or replacement product, if applicable.
9. What is Image Recovery?
All CarePAK PRO plans that are purchased for hardware with removable SD or CF card slots are eligible for the additional benefit of Image Recovery Services through a partnership with Seagate Labs, a leader in the manufacture of solid state and hard drive technology. If Canon technical support determines that your memory card is defective, they will issue a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) to send the card to Seagate Labs at no additional cost, where precious images and videos will be recovered and returned on a new memory card. Up to three claims for Image Recovery can be made during the coverage term.
10. Am I covered for normal "wear and tear"?
Yes, service to address normal wear and tear is covered. An example of this would be a DSLR Camera that needs to have the sensor cleaned or an EF Lens that has dirt on the front or rear optical glass. This kind of normal use can be sent in for a repair at any time and will be covered under the Canon CarePAK PRO plan.

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