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Canon CDX-36150 4K CODEX Recorder for the C700

Canon CDX-36150 4K CODEX Recorder for the C700

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Expected to ship in November!
TMS SKU: C700 Codex
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4K Codex CDX-36150 Recorder Offers a Variety of 4K Workflows.

The Canon C700 is capable of recording uncompressed RAW up to 120 frames per second with the optional 4K Codex CDX-36150 recorder.

C700 RAW files are recorded in an uncompressed .RMF format with no “baked-in” settings applied. Clip development can then be easily adjusted in post using Canon’s Cinema RAW Development software.

The Codex CDX-36150 attaches securely to the rear of the camera body, and is operated using the C700’s menus and controls, making this Codex model significantly smaller and lighter than most externally mounted RAW recorders.

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