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Canon C200B Complete: Cinema Camera & Accessories

Canon C200B Complete: Cinema Camera & Accessories

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TMS SKU: C200B Complete
Canon Part Number: 2216C002

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TMS Product Bundle: Canon C200B Cinema Camera Production Kit

Canon C200B $5,999.00
Canon GR-V1 Camera Grip+$219.00
Canon HDU-2 Handle Unit+$179.00
Canon LM-V1 LCD Touch Screen Monitor+$679.00
Canon LA-V1 LCD Attachment Unit+$174.00
Canon UN-5 50cm Unit Cable+$249.00
Final Price:=$7,499.00

Full Details on the C200B here.

The defining differences between the C200 and the C200B are:

  1. The C200B does not include an EVF (electronic viewfinder), nor can one be added on.
  2. The C200B does not include any of the accessories bundled with the C200

Texas Media Systems brings you this package that addresses the second difference: all accessories bundled with the C200 are included in the C200B Complete: the LCD Touchscreen Monitor and attachment unit, the unit cable to connect the monitor to the camera, and both the side grip and top handle attachments. These packaged accessories are more expensive when purchased separately.