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Broadcast Pix GR-1000 Granite 1000 HD Switcher & Server System

Broadcast Pix GR-1000 Granite 1000 HD Switcher & Server System

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TMS SKU: GR-1000
Broadcast Pix Part Number: GR-1000

A legacy control room with a switcher, video server, graphics system and other gear can create powerful live video, but is costly to assemble and staff, and complex to operate. Now there is a better way to create compelling live video. Granite combines an HD switcher with an HD server to deliver the best workflow with the best picture quality, at a price that is unmatched.

GR-1000 Switcher & Server

Granite Switcher
The Granite Switcher runs 1080i HD end-to-end, and you can easily upgrade to 1080p, insuring your investment is future proof. Granite is true multi-definition as you can run a mixture of 1080i, 720p and SD inputs, in both 16:9 and 4:3, sync and async. It has up to 22 HD SDI inputs, plus 7 channels of file inputs from Granite server. There are up to 12 HD SDI and 2 DVI outputs. Granite ships with 3 or 6 keyers. Low delay makes it exceptional for live events. Upgrade to 1080p for 3Gb/s processing (twice the data rate of conventional HD) for even better picture quality and 1080p I/O.

Granite Server with Fluent Workflow
Granite Server completes the video production system. It runs Broadcast Pix Fluent workflow software, the ultimate file-based workflow software for live production, enabling users to easily create compelling video. There is an integrated HD clip store of up to 120 hours, HD animation players, HD graphic system with CG, high resolution multi-view displaying video and files, powerful macros for file-based effects, and watch-folders that streamline file import from your favorite editing and graphics systems. Control can be extended to robotic cameras, audio mixers, servers and streamers.

With Granite there are no compromises on your budget. A limited budget and staff no longer means a boring production. Granite systems are a fraction of the cost of a legacy control room. With Granite a single operator can create live video that is compelling and memorable. It gracefully expands to a team or larger system, meaning no compromise in flexibility.

Harnessing IT
The unprecedented solutions provided by Broadcast Pix are made possible by harnessing the power of information technology (IT). Granite uniquely combines IT with the latest switching and live production technology. From the IT world comes file-based clips, graphics, networking and workflow software. From switcher technology Granite gets 1080 SDI video, real-time non-stop switching, and tactile control panels. Granite is the best of both worlds: the robustness and live production attributes of switching technology, and the power and cost-effectiveness of IT.

GR-1000 Control Panel

The Granite 1000 adds an innovative control panel. It provides complete tactile control, adds the ability to switch cameras even without the Granite Server, and features PixButtons that streamline workflow with file-based data right on the button.

Classic Switcher Layout
The black portion of the panel has a classic switcher layout, so operators will feel at home. Preview is on the bottom row, then program, then fill and destination. The program row uses PixButtons so you always know what is on every source, even the exact names of specific clips or graphics, which are also shown on the multi-view. There are 9 direct access source buttons, and a shift button accesses a total of 18 sources. The classic next transition section enables 3 keys to be in the transition using a cut, mix, or many wipe and DVE transitions. Or use an animated alpha wipe with audio.

Device Controls
The gray portion of the panel can be assigned to a CG store, clip store, still store, camera control, a keyer, camera control, etc. Just press its device control button and the entire bank of controls is assigned, including: a PixPad with 12 PixButtons, 3 knobs, motion controls, a 3-axis joystick and display. They enable you to instantly and intimately control the selected device.

Only Broadcast Pix switchers have PixButtons, with built-in displays which show you the source and the exact file name loaded. You always know what you will get. No surprises. Each has an icon on top showing the device that is currently assigned to it. The number tells the channel. The next two lines show the file name of the content, which is automatically put on the button from its file name, and dynamically changes during the production. (patent pending)

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