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Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer

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Avid Media Composer Features

Open Timeline
Media Composer systems offer all the support you need to mix multiple formats and resolutions in the same timeline—in real time—so you can keep the creativity flowing. Combine HD, SD, DV, and film formats and resolutions, as well as Avid AVR and Meridien JFIF media without rendering, transcoding, or re-digitizing. Edit native DVCPRO HD and HDV media. And take advantage of real-time, mixed-format multicam editing.

Native Sony XDCAM and Panasonic P2 support
Save time with direct capture of media and “tapeless” workflows: no need to shuttle through tapes looking for a shot. Native MXF support provides direct integration of Sony XDCAM and Panasonic P2 formats into an Avid workflow. Edit straight from Panasonic P2 cards or high-speed file transfers. Sony XDCAM support offers native editing of Long-GOP proxies, DV, and high-resolution IMX media.

Avid DNxHD encoding
Maintain mastering-quality images regardless of source: shoot in high-efficiency DVCPRO HD and HDV and apply effects, dissolves, titles, and composites using 10- or 8-bit Avid DNxHD encoding. Edit and preview HD in real time and take advantage of your existing storage and networking infrastructure to implement a profitable HD workflow.

10-bit real-time color correction
Save time and money with fast, accurate color correction tools based on award-winning Avid Symphony finishing technology. One click automatically analyzes and color corrects an entire sequence, allowing editors to create matching sequences quickly and easily.

Panasonic Varicam off-speed support
Capture and playback off-speed frame rates from tapes and files created by popular Panasonic Varicam cameras. Camera operators can now choose off-speed frame rates with the comfort of knowing that they will be seamlessly reproduced in the editing process.

Motion Tracking and Stabilization featuring SteadyGlide
Re-shoots and tedious compositing work are expensive. Even worse is having to throw away valuable footage that may have helped tell the story. Now you can steady footage that may have been unusable due to shaky camera work, resulting in big savings in both time and money.

Create incredibly smooth slow-motion effects and “fit-to-fill” video using patented pixel morphing technology. Control speed and position using intuitive curve-based keyframing. Apply the look of 24 fps progressive frame rates to 30 fps interlaced sources with the exclusive FluidFilm feature.

SpectraMatte Keyer
Pulling a key with 8-bit formats such as DVCPRO HD can be tricky. Create higher-quality keys and play them back in real time with 16-bit SpectraGraph technology. An interactive environment eliminates guesswork and helps editors to achieve a perfect key.

Long GOP Splicing
The Media Composer system now has the ability to work at MPEG GOP (Group of Picture) structures smaller than the standard 15 frames. This allows customers to export HDV material without first having to render the entire sequence, saving valuable time in the editing room.

4 Channel Audio Punch-In
Record up to 4 channels of audio direct to the timeline without having to capture and then edit the material. During complex dialogue replacement or narration, multiple voices can now be recorded into the timeline, resulting in a huge time savings.

Full Screen Play Over DVI Output
Content creators can now utilize lighter, less expensive LCD monitors for viewing full screen playback of SD and HD output connected via standard DVI connectors. No need for those expensive bulky CRT-based HD monitors.

Professional film tools
Academy Award® winning Avid Film Composer unequaled film metadata management features are built in to every Media Composer system. Save time and eliminate costly errors with real-time capture of normal pulldown and automatic audio and video source synchronization. Stay focused with Script-based Editing and Web-based film cutlists. Accelerate your film workflow with seamless Timecode, KeyKode, DPX, VXF, and UNC metadata tracking.

Streamlined workflows
The unified Avid editing environment and seamless conform closes the gap between editing and finishing and eliminates the need to re-build creative editorial work in the online suite. Remote Play and Capture allows editing systems to act as networked source/record devices. Support for Avid Unity productivity tools adds background media management, transfers, and encoding for facility-wide collaboration over Avid Unity shared media networks.

Superior media management
Organize, label, and locate all your media sources and assets quickly and easily. Move and rename clips without losing links—all occurrences are automatically updated. Intuitive, customizable media management features are built into the Avid editing environment and are designed especially for long, complex projects.

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