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Avid Euphonix MC Control V2, Artist Series US (9900-65027-00)

Avid Euphonix MC Control V2, Artist Series US (9900-65027-00)

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TMS SKU: 9900-65027-00
Avid Part Number: 9900-65027-00

MC Control v2 brings the unparalleled speed, resolution and software integration of Euphonix's high-end consoles and controllers to the personal studio in a revolutionary ergonomic, slim-line design. MC Control v2 fits perfectly between keyboard and screen, and can be connected to additional MC Mix, MC Transport and MC Color units to create a larger media control surface.

MC Control v2 is loaded with power features to speed up and enhance your creativity with any media application. Effortlessly switch between multiple applications and workstations at the touch of a button.

MC Control v2�s LED-backlit touch-screen interface, motorized faders and arsenal of rotary encoders, soft keys and transport controls instantly snap to the selected application to put multi-format metering, plug-in parameters, track information and much more at your fingertips.

Most importantly, software developers like Apple, Steinberg, MOTU and others have worked closely to integrate native support for Euphonix' EuCon control protocol into their DAWs to deliver an unmatched editing and mixing experience.

Detailed image of MC Control V2's features; explained in list below.

MC Control V2 Features:

  1. Customizable LED-backlit Touch-screen Interface (800 x 480 pixels)
  2. Touch-sensitive Motorized Faders (4)
  3. Record/Automation Keys
  4. Select/Assign Keys
  5. Function Keys (Shift Keys)
  6. Footswitch Jack
  7. Ethernet Port
  8. Transport Controls - Jog/Shuttle/Zoom Wheel
  9. Assignable Soft Keys (12)
  10. Track Navigation
  11. Application/Workstation Change
  12. Monitor/Control Room Level
  13. Touch-sensitive Rotary Encoders (8)

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