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Anton Bauer Titan T2 Battery Charger / Power Supply
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Anton Bauer Titan T2 Battery Charger / Power Supply

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Anton Bauer Part Number: TITAN T2



The TITAN T2 is a simultaneous 2 position Interactive fast charger with 70 watt DC camera power supply. It incorporates all of the Logic Series circuits that are employed in every Anton/Bauer charger. The InterActive charge programming provides all charge termination and protection routines for safe, reliable, chemistry independent charging.

Like all Anton/Bauer chargers, everything is automatic. Once a battery is placed onto the charger, it will automatically go into one of the Three Stage Charging modes. When the Titan T2 is being used as a power supply, the battery (right side only) functions as an automatic backup, just in case AC power is lost.

Titan T2 Features:

  • Two independent 70 Watt Power Supplies one for charging or DC power, and one exclusively for charging.
  • Fast Charging. One hour with most batteries (2 hours with HyTRON series and 3 hours with Dionic batteries).
  • Wide Range Input (90-250vac 50/60Hz).
  • Six (6) Independent Charge Termination Systems.
  • Lightweight (2.7lbs.)
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