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AJA FS2 Dual Channel HD/SD A/V Frame Synchronizer and Format Converter
AJA FS2 Dual Channel HD/SD A/V Frame Synchronizer and Format Converter

AJA FS2 Dual Channel HD/SD A/V Frame Synchronizer and Format Converter

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AJA Part Number: FS2

Dual Independent 3G/HD/SD Up/Down/Cross Video Frame Synchronizers, along with Dual 16 Channel Audio Processors

The FS2 can simultaneously work with two independent streams of 3G/HD/SD 10-bit Broadcast quality video and two independent groups of 16 channel AES audio. Each FS2 video channel supports virtually any input or output: analog component or composite, 3G/Dual Stream 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Dual-Link and HDMI I/O. You can use the FS2 as two separate Frame Synchronizers/Format Converters, or combine the channels in a variety of powerful ways—for example HD sidebar keying where both the video and background graphics are upconverted and combined. To expand your possibilities further, each channel possesses its own still-store (not in version 1), keyer, and video proc amp/color corrector. The FS2 can up- or down-convert between SD and HD, and cross-convert between HD formats—including 3G 1080p50/60 formats. Additionally, the FS2 has full input and output signal routing, allowing any I/O port to be assigned to either processing channel.

FS2 Features:

  • Dual Video format converters each featuring SD/HD (up/down), SD-to-SD (aspect ratio), and HD-to-HD (720/1080 cross) conversions
  • Dual Video processors supporting proc amp and color correction
  • Dual Frame Synchronizers
  • Dual video/key framestores downloadable from the local area network
  • User-specified custom format conversion settings with variable crop, size, aspect, and position parameters
  • Dual flexible Keyers for video/key overlays or sidebar keying from the two Video processors, the two internal video/key framestores, or internal matte generators.
  • Closed captioning support featuring true conversion between EIA 608 and 708 (SD and HD) CC formats
  • Active Format Description (AFD) support
  • Scan convert computer formats via a DVI to HDMI cable (future firmware release)
  • Dual 3G/HD/SD SDI I/O with embedded audio
  • Dual 3G/HD/SD Optical Fiber I/O (optional)
  • HDMI I/O supporting 3D HDMI output
  • Component/Composite analog HD/SD video I/O, 12 bit
  • Looping reference input with flexible genlock
  • Dual audio processors each supporting 16 channel audio with full channel mapping
  • 16-channel AES/EBU, 8-channel balanced analog I/O
  • 16-channel embedded audio I/O with full mapping
  • AFV (audio follows video) support
  • Optional Dolby E encoding and decoding
  • Built-in front panel control via scrolling alphanumeric and graphical menu
  • Front panel LED status indicators for at-a-glance system monitoring
  • Web-based remote control over 10/100/1000 Ethernet via an internal web server
  • Four isolated TTL GPI inputs and outputs for contact closure control.
  • Two fully redundant power supplies standard
  • Optional remote control panel
  • 5 Year Warranty with unlimited technical support
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