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AAdynTech ECO Tungsten LED Light - ECO-TNG-001
AAdynTech ECO Tungsten LED Light - ECO-TNG-001

AAdynTech ECO Tungsten LED Light - ECO-TNG-001

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AAdynTech Part Number: ECO-TNG-001
With a high CRI of 91+, the ECO Tungsten LED light projects 2,760 fc @ 10ft, brighter than ANY LED from the competition. AadynTech has developed, designed and assembled this color-corrected, single-source LED light right here in the USA. The ECO Tungsten achieves an output approaching 3000W of beautiful, even Tungsten light while drawing less than 5 amps of power.

You can plug up to 4 of these lights into a household 20 amp circuit without worrying about tripping any breakers. The ECO Tungsten runs so cool you can touch it with bare hands. In addition, save up to 90% of your A/C and energy usage. Optical efficiency allows for a single light source and eliminates multiple shadows. Special effects include variable lightning and strobe, which has made lightning strikes inefficient. Quick change lenses vary between spot and flood and maintain an even field with high output.

ECO Tungsten Features:

  • CRI of 91+ (Tungsten)
  • No UV or IR emissions
  • 60,000 hour on LEDs – 3 year warranty on unit
  • Full brightness control (dimmable) without color shift
  • 2,760 foot-candles @ 10ft.
  • Operating Temperature -20c to +50c
  • Draws less than 5 amps of power
  • Up to 90% energy savings w/ incentives
  • Single light-source
  • Eliminates multiple shadows
  • Operates cool-to-the-touch
  • DMX compatible
  • Quick-change lenses to adjust beam spread
  • Universal power-supply from 90v AC to 240v AC
  • No head cables or ballasts needed
  • Built-in controller w/ hour meter
  • Lightning, strobe, and customizable effects
  • Options: RDM, wireless, barn doors shipping case
  • Certified ETL, UL, CSA, CE and RoHS compliant
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